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Premium Package

Premium Package

By purchasing this product, you will receive your account by email or renew your subscription for 12 months of our service!

Take note If you renew please put the same name you paid for before.


The service includes:

✔12 Month Subscription

✔+18,000 Live Global Channels

✔+69,000 Films and Series

✔+1000 French channels

✔+500 Quebec channels

✔Netflix, Disney+, Prime, HBO, CRAVE etc.

✔SD, HD, FHD and 4K quality

✔Daily Updates

✔Anti-Freeze™ Technology

✔7 Days Money Back Guarantee

✔No VPN Required

✔Dual device access

✔​Adult Content

✔15 Days Money Back Guarantee

✔+3 Months Free

    C$129.99 Regular Price
    C$83.19Sale Price
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