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Basic monthly plan

Basic monthly plan

By purchasing this product, you will receive your account or renew your subscription for 1 month of our service! 

Take note If you renew please put the same name you paid for before.


The service includes:

✔1 Month subscription

✔+18,000 Live Global Channels

✔+69,000 Films and Series

✔+1000 French channels

✔+500 Quebec channels

✔Netflix, Disney+, Prime, HBO, CRAVE etc.

✔SD, HD, FHD and 4K quality

✔Daily Updates

✔Anti-Freeze™ Technology

✔7 Days Money Back Guarantee

✔No VPN Required

✖Dual device access

✖​Adult Content

✖15 Days Money Back Guarantee

✖+3 Months Free

    C$14.99 Regular Price
    C$12.74Sale Price
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